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Persons Under 15 Years of Age Reporting Form

Fastnote is for the use of persons age 15 and older. If you have found a Name or note that you feel involves a person younger than 15 years of age, please let us know and it will be removed. We care very much about protecting young people and encourage you to report all posts by or about a person younger than 15 years of age to us.

IMPORTANT: If you feel that someone is in physical danger, call your local law enforcement authorities!

Note: Please use this form ONLY if your issue involves a person under 15 years of age. Do not use this form to report any other site violations.

Abuse of this form may result in your suspension from Fastnote.

To refer to information about a specific Fastnote Name or note, please click on the "Report Violation" link next to that Name or that note. (Click here to see how)

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  • Thank you for reporting this issue. We give person under 15 years of age issues special attention and will investigate promptly, may remove the offending material and may respond to you requesting further clarification. We may also contact the person who entered the Addressee information or the Note, as applicable.
  • Note: Abuse of this form may result in suspension or denial of your right to be a Fastnote member.