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Governor Scott Walker
Male, 49-55, Public, Politics/Gov't, Wisconsin Governor @GovWalker
Wisconsin, United States, Updated: over 6 years ago
Community: Wisconsin Politics
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  • Positive

    over 5 years ago

    Wisconsin, US

    To: Governor Scott Walker  - 


    to governor scott walker frist Ithink you should run for president instead of those other clowns.but all the jobs i applyed for i,m more than quilified and you can,t tell me its not an age thing that don,t get one of them I am down to eating what i can catch in my backyard for food this is not right

    • Commenter #1: I can see the WI educational system has failed you.NW KEEP HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things are only going to get worse for you! Good Luck!

    • Commenter #2: Thanks to Gov walker and his cuts to our education program it is only going to get worse. Our next generation won't be able to present themselves any better than NW. We are in for some tough times.

    Well Said
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