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President Barack Obama
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    over 6 years ago

    California, US

    To: President Barack Obama  - 


    Unemployment Benefits

    note that our unemployment is lower because everyone is running out of benefits and are now living on the streets, there are not jobs yet.

    • Commenter #1: agreed, who are the trying to kid. You hit the nail on the head

    • Commenter #2: The republicans just tried to prevent extentions of UI but it was signed into law by President Obama Republicans said it was a handout to people & they didn't want to pass it. See how cruel GOP is?

    • Note Writer: I know people that used 99 wks, and told the last minute. the government should have the corporations who are taking out our jobs overseas pay for u.s. job loss for the people their salaries and health care if the overseas cheaper jobs continues...

    • Note Writer: corporations should not be running our country...people's benefits that have been exhausted have looked for work 2 yrs plus. In my area the construction field died, yet they have to pay the banks draining their accts for overcharging mortgages

    • Note Writer: on top of it the healthcare that we are suppossed to pay...why is it I can go to a foreign country and pay 10 cents for a pill that we get charged 100 dollars for? it's corporation corruption, gas medical and mortgages, correct me if wrong

    • Commenter #2: I don't know if you've noticed how the republican led congress is doing, but the reason we've almost had gov shutdowns is because they will not compromise on taxing corporations for taking job overseas, taxes on the rich. I h8 the selfish GOP!

    • Note Writer: if we would tax the corporations 'severly' we would not be in trouble. Like I said the Corporations are running our country and not the us...u knu united states, united..greed will hurt any country

    • Note Writer: it's bs, no matter what country or party.Someone has to stand up straight be honest responsible to make the rules correct , people used to be real without charge, Congress, Senators & Presidents forget what law is, to help the people not rip themoff

    • Commenter #2: NW I agree with you 100%. I'm hoping congress hears us and is getting the message. (Congress is own by corporations)!

    • Note Writer: Congress will hear us if we all say it...people that sit around complaining about it..keep crying..write a to people as we will be heard, best not too late.

    • Commenter #4: To much government. = No jobs !!!

    • Commenter #2: Greedy American corporations sending jobs out of the country = NO JOBS!

    • Commenter #4: Business's are tryng to make it through this Obama's final year. With a new admistration the flood gates will open and you'll see America come back. GE=O tax's & Jobs to China & in Obama's adminstration as a job czar. Nov. 2012 Take back the USA.

    • Note Writer: that or watch this....

    • Note Writer: I am not one to be negative, but I've seen these trains come by on a private Federal Government train tracks they run in the night public trains run on them.

    • Commenter #4: Does it have anything to do with the new law about being able to arrest anyone without reason or going though the court system? American's !! Look at the news this week, its begining to take form.

    • Note Writer: it's not funny is it>?

    • Commenter #5: #4 in your dreams. the law you mention was written by republicans. did you know that? if you want to take your country back, go read and sign if you agree. also go to bernie sanders site. he has amendment. read and sign

    • Commenter #4: #5 what is the name of the law? Why would anyone write such a law? It plays along with this article from the NW. I have heard about this before. Does anyone think we can turn this around, or might any other country help us?History is repeating itself

    • Commenter #2: # 5 Thank you very much! We all know it, even if some don't admit it, the congress is owned by money & will never work for the people if they keep getting Big $$. I'm proud to add my signature at *********! Thanks!

    • Commenter #5: #4 if you didnt know what the law was, why did you mention it? #2 dont forgetsenator bernie sanders, ind, vt. he has an amendment to overturn the republican supreme court decision to open the money floodgates.go to his site and read it.

    • Commenter #4: I heard of the law, and wanted to know the name. Governement, Barney Frank, regulations making banks and lenders giving mortgages to people that were not qualified. Causing a bubble that burst .Remember the last 2 yrs. of GWB he had a dem congress.

    • Commenter #6: hey this is an umemployment issue...but it all is attached isn't the hodge podge...what are we going to do?????????????????

    • Commenter #6: the gasoline company's screwed us, as did big corporations, along with our government allowing all our jobs to go overseas...we're screwed

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