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John Boehner
Male, 64-74, Public, Politics/Gov't, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Ohio District 8, Republican
Washington, District of Columbia, United States, Updated: over 6 years ago
Community: U.S. Politics
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  • Negative

    over 6 years ago

    To: John Boehner  - 

    Debt Ceiling Negotiations

    john you need to learn to play just got served by harry .you need to make a stand and stand tax break just got eaten up by a medical increase good job .

    • Commenter #1: U also need to take all legal action in reguards to his appointments made today, while congress is out of session. DO SOMETHING, besides wimp around the office!! NOW!!! How come he got control of the NDAA? What are U doing there, Occuping space???

    • Commenter #2: What the president did was perfectly legal.Many presidents have done this.Including G.W.

    Well Said
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