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    8 months ago

    To: Donald Trump  - 


    State Division

    I've heard most of my life that Sacramento doesn't reflect the overall views of the Whole state! Does the federal government have the ability or authority to subdivide Cal into two separate and or more states. WE would love to see some limp wrist liberals separated from the rest of US.

    • Commenter #1: NW and many of us would love to see some to the overbearing republicans separated from the rest of the US. So what's your point?

    • Commenter #1: NW Limp wrist liberals does not sound like a civil comment.

    • Commenter #2: NW as a life long Californian that would be awesome.

    • Commenter #3: California voters would have to first approve such a measure and then proceed to the Federal Government for recognition. Not likely to happen.

    • Commenter #4: Just another tactic by Trump's little Rats designed to create discord among Californians. Won't work. The Moron is going down. He is going to prison. NW is a fool's fool.

    • Commenter #5: C4, you could have made your point without the unneeded name calling. Let's try harder to be civil

    • Commenter #3: C #5: What is the matter are you one of the little Rats.

    • Commenter #6: C5: Why did you not call out the NW for saying "limp wrist liberals"? Isn't that rather hypocritical? NW: Have you thought of moving from CA, if you even live there?

    • Commenter #1: #4 have to agree with # 5 You don't need to name call. When you use name calling you lose any credibility you might have had. Since you have no credibilty your point is completely moot.

    • Commenter #5: C6 why didn't you?

    • Commenter #7: No need to name call. Ca is in big trouble. Out of money, homeless out of control, gov recall on going, we are leaving Ca as soon as a job transfer comes available thousand upon thousands leave each year, welcome illegals, crime increases. Not a great place to be any longer. Great weather, that's it

    • Commenter #8: I say 'divide & secede'. Would that make all you "liberal bashers" happy? California is a net "giver" of funds to the govt; the majority of red states are "takers". California has the 6th largest economy in the world. I'd love nothing more than to stop funding red state takers. Harsh? Truth hurts.

    • Note Writer: C4 the Nazi party referred to Jews as rats even made vilified videos portraying them as such. Is this the new tactic of the socialist Democratic Party of America. Dehumanize those of us who feel were not being fairly represented by California.

    • Note Writer: C3 I do appreciate the information on how to possibly gain fair representation in a state where it's not given to those who don't live in the crime-ridden South. Let me be clear. I was raised in Olivehurst. Would not go back South!

    • Note Writer: C8 thanks for the propaganda, the economy is actually the ninth largest do your research. You take the national port system away and the Hollywood elitists who are running to the Mtn of Wy. Agricultural income is about all that's left! The state is bankrupt not Because, federal taxes issue.Get Real

    • Note Writer: C6 PART 1 OF 2 1st 4th generation American Hispanic! 5th gen Californian! 1st gen was Hispanic American there is a difference! And my family came here the right way! I will not let the socialists democratic party forced me and those like me out! And I have the right to speak my mind.

    • Note Writer: PART 2 of 2 I have fulfilled part of my civic duty by served proudly in the USMC, I Work FULLtime and pay my taxes. So C6,4 and 3 Call me a little rat, wet back, a spek and or as they used to like to call my grandfather bean eater. It won't change the fact were not fairly represented by the South!

    • Note Writer: C7 Part 1 of 2 I was not duty station here but have spoke to a lot that are. They are bewilled BTW the state and local governments operate here. . I would rather walk out my door and see nature and wildlife! Then the poor homeless mentally challenged and drug users cluttering the streets -

    • Note Writer: The state can'nt help because there broke and it's their own fault 9th largest economy in the world c7. Sanctuary cities willing slave cities is what they are! Hispanics that are legal KNOW These poor individualsare being pimped out to do jobs that no one else wants pick the crops wash the dishes

    • Commenter #8: NW - unbridled anger doesn't become you! You're right, I didn't do my homework (recently). In fact, California is the 5TH largest economy - ahead of UK & behind Germany. Funny, you simply 'take out' what you choose AND, you forgot to mention innovative industries & tech's contributions. Get a grip.

    • Note Writer: C8 I don't know where you're pulling your information from and I have passion, not anger. My information comes from the CIA world factbook it's open to the public login and look I trust my source much more than anything else.

    • Note Writer: C8 . And looking at what you wrote. Maybe you should get a grip on something other than a keyboard. my Southern California socialist democratic friend . Well, back to work just your humble federal employee doing his part !

    • Note Writer: C8 Most of the technical jobs have already moved to China. That's why were in negotiations for intellectual properties. Oh but you pick and choose what you leave out. If it wasn't for individuals like my grandfather who came here legally to pick your crops and do jobs - Part 1

    • Note Writer: part 2 C8 crops & do jobs that no one else wanted till he could make a better way 4 all of us. California would be so wealthy. Hell, it's really not one particular county made an accounting era & found out that they were 2 million short to cover the school budget. live in dreamland if want C8

    • Commenter #8: NW-I'm NOT from So California & I assure you that I am not a socialist & I AM a lifelong registered GOP voter. Aside from cheap shots at claiming to know something about a person (me) that you DO NOT know, I stand by my comment. More sources available

    • Note Writer: C8 First, thank u for being a lifelong supporter of the GOP. IF TRUE! However, your comments are extremely liberal & do not reflect the middle of the road of the party. U say U represent. I would not trust the USA 2day paper even for the outdoor toilet. Have a nice day 5th columnist from Anderson CA

    • Commenter #8: NW - if you don't like/trust USA today, just google "California 5th largest economy" and you'll get plenty of other choices to substantiate my statement ( from federal data as of May 2018, anyway). In the meantime, just dither on......and I'm outta here.

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