Civil, anonymous notes to anyone, that everyone can read.

How Fastnote Works

It Happens to Everyone...

You read a news story. You see something on TV. You know someone who does something you really like...or something you think is awful.

You’ve got to say something about it. So what do you do?

If they’re famous, you can’t reach them. You don’t have their email address or phone number. And even if you could send a note, the odds are no one will ever read it, including them.

And what if you want to say something sensitive to someone you know? Some things aren’t easy to say directly. Hasn’t everyone wanted to make a suggestion or offer some constructive criticism, but not known how?

You Can Tell Anyone What You Think on Fastnote.

Here, you can write civil and anonymous notes to anyone – to any individual and any organization.

  • You don’t need their address. You don’t need to be a "friend" on Facebook or "follow" them on Twitter.
  • You don’t have to create a profile page. We don’t even ask for your name.
  • To register, all you need is a valid email address. No one will know you wrote a note, unless you tell them.*
  • And every Fastnote you write posts immediately, for everyone to read.

So How Will They See the Notes Posted to Them?

For Celebrities, Public People and Organizations:

Fastnote sends notifications to "Celebrities", “Public” people and organizations, to let them know when new notes have been posted to them.

We send most of our notifications using email, Twitter, and Facebook. We'll even send a Fastnote postcard to someone's physical address, if that's the best way to reach them.

(Soon we will display special badges next to each name to let our users know that we have contact information for them.)

For Non-Public People:

We’re confident most people will eventually see their Fastnotes, for several reasons:

  • Fastnote is new.   As it gets going, many people will hear about it, use it, and share it.
  • People share everything on the Internet.   When someone has public notes posted to them on Fastnote, sooner or later they’ll find out -- someone will tell them.
  • Fastnotes are showing up in search results.   Most people search for their own names. When they do, they’re likely to find the notes posted to them on Fastnote.

In addition, on Fastnote your notes can be seen by everyone. So even if that politician, celebrity or boss doesn't see their notes right away, you know that others will see your notes. They can agree or disagree, add their comments, and share your notes with others.

You Can Help People Find Their Notes on Fastnote.

You can ask us to share Fastnotes by email to any address you provide. We even have an anonymous email service – so no one needs to know it was you who shared it.

And if you want lots of people to see your Fastnotes, you can easily share them using whatever social media you like - Twiiter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc.

What About Notes that are Offensive, Obscene, etc.?

They're not allowed on Fastnote. If you see notes that aren’t civil or that don’t meet our guidelines, just click the “Report” link next to the item. It will be put into our community moderation process. This lets other users decide whether the note or comment belongs on the site or not. In other words, the Fastnote community sets the standards.

Other Things You Can Do on Fastnote

  • You can find names and read notes to anyone.
  • You can vote on notes you see.
  • You can add comments to notes.

So it’s easy to see what others think of the notes – just look at the votes and comments with each note.

Also, it’s easy to monitor what people are saying to you and others you’d like to follow. Just add those names to your Watch List. You can review those names on “My Notebook” page, and we’ll send an email to you whenever a note is posted to one of those names.

A Few Simple Rules

We have a few simple rules for notes and comments posted on Fastnote:

  • All notes must be written to specific individuals and organizations.
    (A note is like a public email message, written to a specific person or a group of people.)
  • All notes must be short – no more than 250 characters.
    (That’s long enough to make your point, and short enough for others to want to read it.)
  • All notes and comments must be civil.
    (Fastnote is community-moderated, so our users determine what stays or goes.)
  • All notes and comments must be anonymous.
    (We don’t want anyone to pretend to be speaking for someone else.)

Please Help Us Grow

Fastnote was founded on the proposition that everyone has good, constuctive, and interesting things to say. They just need a fast and easy way to share them.

Fastnote was designed for that – to give everyone a greater voice – to help us reach out and share our thoughts and opinions with others in a new way.

Fastnote is new and we need your help:

  • First, we need good content!
    Fastnote was designed to feature our Users' notes. We are not editors and we have not hired any writers. All notes on Fastnote are from our Users. So we need lots of good, interesting, funny and civil notes.
  • Second, we need help spreading the word!
    Everything on the site is free, and we cannot afford lots of advertising. So we'd like you to share it with your friends and families. Use the "Share" link to share a Fastnote page or note. Post a link on Facebook or Twitter. Mention the site in emails, or just tell others about it. (Please!)

Getting Started Is Easy

You are welcome to look around, find names, and read all you’d like. To add a new name, write a note, or vote on the notes you see, just register and sign-in.

Fastnote is not a "social network." You don't have to create a profile page. No one will know that you registered unless you tell them. We don't even need your name -- just your email address, gender, age and location to the city level.

If you have trouble doing anything on the site, you can find instructions on our Help page. If you have other questions about Fastnote, please check our FAQ page where you can find answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

We Also Want Your Feedback!

Please tell us what you think and give us suggestions for how we can make Fastnote better. You can post a public note to us on our Fastnote page, or you can send us your comments by using our General Contact Form.

Thank you for coming to our site. Please give us a try, and start telling others what you think!

* We will not share your information with anyone, except as required by law. See our Terms of Service for details.