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Defamatory Content Reporting Form

Important: This form is to be used only for valid legal claims of defamation where either you are claiming to have been defamed or you are the authorized legal representative (counsel) of the person claiming to have been defamed. If you wish to report that you think someone else is being defamed, please click the "Report Violation" link next to the offending Note and submit your issue using that form. The intent of this site is not to air or vent grievances, be accusatory, prove truth or not. Do not use this form to report any other type of Site Violation.

Abuse of this reporting form for anything other than valid legal claims of personal defamation may result in your suspension from Fastnote.

To refer to information about a specific Fastnote Name or note, please click on the "Report Violation" link next to that Name or that note. (Click Here to see how.)


Note: We can accept this form only if it is submitted by the entity or authorized representative of the entity claiming to be defamed. If you wish to report a third party who you think is being...

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