Civil, anonymous notes to anyone, that everyone can read.

About Us

Fastnote, LLC is owned by Fastnote LLC, a privately held company that was organized to develop this website. Fastnote, LLC is a "virtual" company -- we have outsourcing partners in California, Texas, and North Carolina, and our officers reside in three different states.

Management Bios

Richard Shaffner is the founder and president of Fastnote LLC. He came up with the idea for Fastnote during the 2008 elections. He wanted to tell candidates and members of the press what he thought, and he realized there was no easy way for him or anyone else to contact them.

Mr. Shaffner held multiple executive roles at the Bank of America in Product Development and Management, Strategic Planning and Information Management, and is the founder and President of Boxlock Capital, LLC. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Louis Shaffner, vice president and co-founder of Fastnote LLC, has significant experience in design and development of a new software product designed for the commercial photography market. He spent 18 years as the owner/operator of an advertising and photography studio. He was also a partner and lead trader for Boxlock Capital, LLC. He is a graduate from the University of North Carolina and attended the MFA program at the UCLA Film School.

Warren Hart, vice president of Fastnote LLC, has held multiple roles at IBM over the past 30 years, such as General Manager of Data Mobility Services, Vice President of Strategic Outsourcing, Vice President of Digital Media, and Director of Web Hosting. He has also worked with Siegel & Gale on website strategy, design and creation for clients such as American Express, AT&T and IBM. He is a graduate of Hamilton College.